Why List Your Property With Anna K Intown?

TOP 7 Reasons

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Net the MOST $ with Our Pricing Strategy
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Hiring Highly Skilled Experts vs. Hiring an Agent
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1) Our Award Winning Team has had a track record of results since 2007
2) Our goal is to personally help a minimum of 100 families each year buy or sell a home. And we’ve been doing just that! The average agent sells 9 per year.
3) We have a combined 25 years of real estate experience.
4) When comparing the average list to sales price, we net our sellers 2.8% more than the average agent.
5) We price watch – We interpret the market and give you feedback on what is happening to keep your listing competitive. Remember the market is ever changing.
6) We prospect for buyers DAILY!
7) We are tough negotiators and our colleagues know that. They come prepared to bring a good offer when they see our name on a sign!
8) Other agents know we price right. This helps minimize the tire kicker offers.
9) Why hire one agent when you can hire a team of highly trained specialist to handle the sale of your home for the same price?
10) We are not gimmicky. We use tried and tested marketing and techniques to sell your home, the right way.
11) We market your home to AGENTS not just buyers!
12) You will hear from us no less than 1x per week while working with us! Likely more if things are cooking!
13) We collectively pre-view over 150 homes a month so we know how our listings compare to the competition.
14) Our listings are on over 85+ websites
15) Our representation starts way BEFORE the listing. We want to help you get your house to shine!
16) We are here for you…well, forever! We don’t disappear after the sale. If you need assistance with anything post closing, we will be your guide.
17) We will not over price your home just to get the listing. We are strategic in our pricing strategy with the goal to put the most money back in your pocket.
18) We have access to off market properties for our buyers and will also market your home as a pocket listing before you are officially on the market in an effort to find the right buyer faster.
19) We are running a business – not just selling houses. This is not a part time gig for any of our team members.
20) We are natural born networkers. We never stop talking real estate and connecting people with properties.
21) You will always get it ‘straight up’ and honest from us. No hidden agendas here. Your trust in us is crucial to the sales process.
22) Other Agents and Professionals respect the Anna K Intown team and it’s member. Working towards a win-win with the co-op agent avoids transaction nightmares.
23) We represent you 100%: Dual Agency (same agent representing both buyer and seller at the same time) is not something we practice. Be assured we are working with your best interests at ALL times.
24) We know the in-town Atlanta & market nuances like the back our our hand. You need a market and neighborhood expert on your side.
25) We are a full service company! We do not discount our fees, compromise our service to you, or the value of your home!
26) Selling or buying a home can be emotional for buyers and sellers. We are your buffer to handle all things uncomfortable that may arise in the process.
27) Each client is treated with respect no matter what the price range of your property. We value relationships and people, not prices!’
28) We handle the gobs and gobs of paper work.
29) We keep learning: Our team takes multiple Real Estate continuing education classes per month to stay cutting edge and relevant.
30) Keller Williams Has Captured the #1 Market Share of SOLD Homes In the Metro Atlanta Market
31) Anna K is a member of the Luxury Division with Keller Williams and can sell your Luxury Home with ease.
32) Our Average Days on Market in a normal market is 28 Days
33) We have sold over $100 Million in Residential Sales in the last few years!
34) We have our “specialties” so we operate at the highest customer service level possible for our clients
35) We believe in and act on our KW Culture: We give back to and are involved in our own communities to improve where we live work and play!
36) We are serious about achieving success WITH our clients.
37) And we have fun while doing that.
38) We are always professional and courteous.
39) Our proven systems for selling homes are tried and tested for maximum results.
40) We are consistently #1 Team/Agent in our office.
41) We are recognized as the top 1% world wide among Keller Williams agents.
42) We don’t take every listing. While we will do everything possible to help our sellers, we will not compromise putting your home IN the market, not just ON the market.
43) We don’t just disappear after the sign goes in the yard.
44) We are available to serve you 7 days a week.
45) It is our pleasure.
46) We partner with true professionals. Our vendor and allied partners are the best at what they do. 47) You can count on a good referral from us.
48) You can be assured when your listing goes ‘LIVE’ it will look it’s best. We want ALL the buyers to want your home.
49) Our team is coached professionally buy one of the top Real Estate coaches weekly for accountability to our clients and goals.
50) We have “google juice”. The web is where we are! 93% of Home Buyers use the internet to find an home or an agent!
51) Our marketing have a global stretch which is enhanced though our Luxury Division.
52) We have a learning based mentality. If we don’t know…we’ll find out!
53) We can be your ‘one stop shop’ for home buying and selling.
54) People view us as local economist of choice when choosing a realtor.
55)We push the market. Home values matter – we’d like to get more for yours.
56) Our agents act with integrity, honesty and strong work ethic. When we say we will do something, we do it.
57) Our office is accessible to the entire city. It is comfortable, clean, professional, organized and fun!
58) Each team member is empowered. We are all equal here and every one of us is capable to handle any situation!
59) We have strong connections in ALL industries – not just real estate. Need a referral? Call us 1st!
60) It’s common with other real estate brokerages that all agents are competing with each other. If one Agent makes a sale or gets a listing, the other agents are not paid. Not at Keller Williams! We all share in the profits of each and every sale made by our other KW Intown agents. Hence, a more cohesive team spirit and higher level of service.
61) Want to build or renovate? Our team works directly with many home builders both personally and professionally and we can help build your dream home.
62) There is LOTS of data out there. We form the full picture for you to make educated decisions.
63) We are solution minded. We will move heaven and earth where possible to find a creative solution in challenging situations.
63) We’re all human. If we make a mistake, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.
64) We adapt to YOUR style of communication.
65) We love our industry and it shows!
67) We succeed when YOU succeed.